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Any home security is better than none at all. However, whenever a new customer makes an investment in a full coverage, robust security system we smile. We always like knowing that a homeowner is as safe as they can be and that they have chosen the recommended protection plan for their home. A recent customer in a Creal Springs, IL recognized the importance of completely protecting their home, and made just such an investment. The following is a description of their full-coverage, residential security system.

The Home Security System Setup We Recommended for this Creal Springs Family

Wireless Touch Screen Keypad

DMP - TouchScreen KeyPadThis small, sleek touchscreen is where the homeowner will control their entire home security system. From arming and disarming to checking the weather, this little screen does it all. It is attractive, powerful, and best of all, wireless. The security system keypad can be easily moved to various locations throughout the home for operating convenience.

Key Fobs

The key fobs allow residents to quickly arm and disarm their home security system by placing the fob in close proximity to their keypad. This eliminates the need for them to hassle with entering their code in a timely fashion.


Every door to the outside of the home is contacted with a door switch. This means that if an intruder were to try to make an entry via any door when the alarm is armed it would sound the system.

Glass Break Detectors

Accessible windows are protected with this home security feature. Glass break detectors are what we recommend as the best “bang for your buck.” A glass break detector picks up on any glass breaking within 25 ft line of site. This allows one glass break to effectively cover a room; meaning, with several glass breaks all the accessible windows in the home are protected.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are the last line of defense. If for some reason an intruder were to make it through a window or door undetected or if they were to cut a hole in the side of your house to come in, the motion sensor would detect them moving throughout your home. These devices are typically placed in the corner of very large or centrally located rooms such as in the basement and in the living room. Most burglars will at some point walk through the main room and will at that point trip the alarm.

Smoke Detectors

This customer’s home incorporated fire protection into their security as should every full-coverage home security system. At the very minimum, every home should be monitored with smoke detectors on each level of the home.

Remote Safe App

Finally, for the icing on the cake, we installed our smart home security technology, which we call Remote Safe. This home automation app allows the homeowner the ability to monitor and control EVERYTHING on their system. Turn on and off the alarm from out of town? Sure. Receive alerts to issues and alarms? Yes. The system is now under the control of the homeowner, no matter where they are.

DMP XTL Plus Home Security System

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