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How to Secure a Jewelry Store Posted on May 17, 2017 by

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Jewelry stores will almost certainly be common targets for burglars for as long as they exist. Why would burglars waste their time breaking into a location that isn’t guaranteed to provide them valuable merchandise, when they KNOW a jewelry store will have countless dollars’ worth of loot?

Jewelry Store Security Systems

It makes sense that they would shoot for the target where they know they won’t leave empty handed. For this reason, it is important for Jewelry stores to have very good security, and various types of jewelry store security systems.

Video Surveillance for Jewelry Stores

Video SurveillanceVideo surveillance is incredibly useful for helping track down a suspect. Often burglars are intelligent enough to mask their faces, so facial recognition is typically not a possibility. However, video surveillance will help identify what the perpetrator looked like by recording height build, hair color, skin color, type of car and even license plate perhaps.

Video surveillance systems are often the link that helps put the authorities on the right trail and is beyond valuable.

Jewelry Store Burglar Alarms

Video surveillance is important, but it won’t alert the police of an intrusion. It is imperative that a high dollar store, such as a Jewelry store, also have a burglar alarm system.

Men wearing masks robbing a jewelry store.

A commercial security system designed to detect intrusion should not only be fitted with door sensors, but glass break detectors, and motion detectors as well. That way if a burglar comes through the door he’s caught, if he breaks a window he’s caught, and even if he cuts a hole in the side of a building, the motion detector trips and he is caught.

Security systems can even send alerts directly to designated cell phones. This enables managers to keep a close eye on their store at all times and in all locations.

Jewelry Store Panic Buttons

Jewelry Store Panic ButtonA panic button is a hardwired or wireless device that can alert the police to an emergency situation. If hardwired, these small buttons are usually placed in a discreet location, such as under the lip of a display case.

It’s important to place buttons in locations where employees will likely be at the time of a situation. When a burglar yells “freeze” an employee should be able to quickly hit the button without anyone noticing. It’s also a good idea for people in a back office to have access to a panic button, they may be able to hear and react to a dangerous situation before being confronted.

If the panic button is wireless, they can be placed in one’s pocket and carried throughout the premises. This provides security for the employee wherever they might be. When pressed, on duty police in the area will be dispatched to the location immediately.

Learn More About Security Systems for Jewelry Stores

Don’t let your Jewelry store become a statistic. Keep your premises and your employees as safe as is possible. At Security Alarm, we offer affordable jewelry store security solutions, as well as a wide variety of alarm system solutions for other businesses.

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