Security Alarm Pricing Options | Security Alarm

As our customer, we want you to have a payment program that best meets your needs and lifestyle. That’s why we have have created several different avenues by which our customers can obtain a system and gain a greater peace of mind.


Low upfront cost
For some customers paying a low upfront cost, but a higher monthly fee is most attractive. Perhaps the customer knows they are in great need of a system but can’t pull the funds to pay a large sum upfront. That’s perfectly fine. We can simply add the cost of that system in with the monthly monitoring fee, and have our customers sign a contract with us. This allows them to get the system and the protection they need at a price they can afford.

High upfront cost
For other customers paying a high upfront cost but a low monthly cost is most attractive. There are those that would simply rather get the payment out of the way and only have the low monthly monitoring fee each month.


This option is just as it sounds. You, our customer, are not buying the system but rather you are renting it from us. You will have a lower upfront cost, and a monthly leasing and monitoring fee. The equipment is owned by us even after installation on your premises. In the event that something breaks or an issue needs addressed, we come out on our own dollar. Service for the lessee is free.

For more information or to get a free quote on a security system, please contact the security solution experts at Security Alarm.