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Should You Get a Home Security System? Posted on June 23, 2016 by

Why should you get a home intrusion system? Safety is the obvious choice, but beyond that is their really any reason to do it? Yes. There are several reasons a home security system is worth the investment and here’s why I think so:

Protect Your Home from Fire

  • fire-alarm-monitoringThe #1 reason why I insist people get a burglar system is for the smoke and heat detectors that tie into the burglar system. Everyone needs fire protection in their home. There is simply no way around it. If you or  your loved ones are sleeping and the house begins to fill with smoke, do you want to risk NOT waking up? If a fire starts in your attic do you want to risk the fire causing your ceiling to cave in? If you are away on a trip do you want to risk your house burning completely down? Hopefully your answer to all of these questions is “no, absolutely not”. If this is the case then monitored fire protection is a key reason you should have a security system. What does this mean? When your fire device is activated, it sends a signal to a monitoring company and they immediately dispatch the fire department. This is reason number one…. Are you convinced yet?

Protect Your Family from Intruders

  • Reason #2 why I insist on an intrusion system. To be honest, I wouldn’t be devastated if someone broke into my home and stole my stuff. It can be easily replaced. However, you can’t replace “Life”. The reason I believe it to be vital is for the protection of those you love. It keeps the bad guys out even when you are there. Your response might be “I can protect my family without a security system” or “I’ve got dog”. Well what if your dog doesn’t hear the burglar? What if YOU are in deep enough sleep that YOU don’t hear the burglar? Do you really want to take the risk of someone breaking into your home and hurting someone you love? It is my belief that you should do everything humanly possible to protect those sleeping under your roof.

Save on Your Homeowners Insurance

  • Protection From Home InvasionReason #3: You can save MONEY. Most Insurance companies will give you a 5-10% break on your home insurance if you have monitored burglar and fire protection in your home! Why not save money?

Have I convinced you yet? Maybe not, and that’s ok. However, the reasons above are very real reasons and ones you should take time to evaluate and consider! If we can ever help with the decision process or answer any questions at all, please contact Security Alarm online or give us a call at 618-548-5768.