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In the 1999 family comedy, Smart House, Ben Cooper designs a home automation system for his home which the family affectionately names, “Pat”. During the film Ben advises, “Pat, take it easy.” Pat defensively replies, “Easy? You think I wouldn’t rather be taking it easy? But no, I’m too busy keeping up with the Coopers! Slaving away in a hot control room, doing homework, throwing parties, keeping schedules, making your lives perfect.”  Now Security Alarm doesn’t claim that our home automation system will throw parties for you, do your homework, or go to work for you. But we do hope that the Tuxedo keypad makes your life slightly easier than it currently is.

TuxedoTouch_Automation_Fahrenheit_Silver_loSimplify Your Life

With Honeywell’s Tuxedo keypad your home is nearly completely automated. You have control of not only your security, but also lights, locks, shades, thermostats and more. This brightly illuminated touch screen contains simple to follow icons which allow you to maneuver your automated home seamlessly.

One of the greatest features of the tuxedo keypad, are the voice commands. For example, if you say “bedtime” it can automatically set your thermostat to an optimal temperature, turn off your lights, lower your blinds, lock your doors, and set your alarm. If your family likes their lights at a certain level while enjoying a movie; create a voice command for “movies” and the lights will automatically adjust. Besides voice commands, owners can also control their homes via tablets, smart phones, and the web, regardless of their location.

TuxedoTouch_OnWall_CloseUp_White_loSmart Homes Save Money

From a fiscal standpoint, many customers are drawn to the idea of automated heating/cooling, and lighting. The reality is that it saves money. There is nothing worse than coming home to hot house in the summer. Therefore, people often sacrifice the extra money in order to leave their house cool all day so that they can return to an enjoyable environment. With Security Alarm’s Tuxedo Keypad you have the ability to schedule a time for your AC or heat to kick on before you return from work. Your lights can also be placed on a schedule or even connected to motion detectors and set to turn on when an individual enters a room. Both of the latter scenarios have the potential to not only create more comfortable lives, but to save money as well.

Designer User Interface

If esthetics are important to you and your family (or maybe just your wife), then this is the security keypad for you. It is a 7” full-colored, touch screen keypad that is extremely appealing to the eye. It does not even resemble its uglier step- sisters, which are grey, white, and plain. While in sleep mode, the tuxedo keypad acts as a picture frame and provides a vibrant slide-show of your favorite photos.

Your family doesn’t want to miss out on this attractive, easy-to-use, home automated life safety system. Again, our system won’t do your homework, or make your dinner, but they’ll definitely make a great addition to your home.

For more information about how you can start saving and automating, contact Southern Illinois security solutions experts online or at 618-503-9195.

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