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Unbreakable Bank Security

If you have Landline or Voice Over Internet Protocol phones that are connected your security system, you might not know they aren’t protecting you.  We call ‘em sleepy sloths.   

Recent encryption advances have made cellular backup controllers virtually unhackable.  No snipping.  No hacking.  Money SAFE.

The Security Alarm Family wants to make sure your bank is secure.  Here’s what we offer …

  • Safer Monitoring (no more unreliable phone line monitoring)
  • Instant notifications 24/7 (send straight to your phone)
  • 1080p HD cameras so you can make out fine details of faces
  • No messy wires or construction time
  • Southern Illinois family service that zips a technician to you when you need it, not just when we feel like it.

And we’re not crazy expensive.  

Choose custom cellular solution with cameras to revitalize your system. No thief or internet outage will ever want to mess with you.  

Fill out the contact form below or call 618-548-5768 and ask for a Security Consultant.  They’ll answer any questions and schedule a visit.

*PS: Get every 4th 1080 HD camera we install for you FREE before February 20th

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