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Video Verification: Let Videofied Tell the Story Posted on January 6, 2015 by

Videofied is the “new wave” against theft and vandalism. Videofied is an intrusion detection system that provides immediate video verification of the triggered alarm while signalling police for priority response to the intrusion. It’s technology that is taking security to a whole new level! It is a battery powered, wireless alarm system with video verification.

Security Solutions for Home or Office

Videofied can be used commercially or in residentially, indoors or outdoors. Security Alarm can custom design a new standalone security system or upgrade an existing system. These wireless installations think outside-the-box by providing state of the art security solutions for Southern Illinois residents – whether you are a business owner, homeowner, or part of an agricultural setting.

Color By Day. Black & White by Night

Videofied delivers color video in the day and monochrome (black and white) video in darkness or low light. You can review or retrieve your video at any time with the use of Videofied’s smartphone app.

Affordable Rapid Response!

The value of Videofied is in the response! Today’s technology make video alarms not only possible, but also affordable. The Videofied concept is a first-class solution for securing any type of facility whether vacant or occupied. It greatly reduced expensive surveillance camera costs and re-location costs for protecting temporary vacant buildings and properties or machine shops and barns.

Do you want to learn more about this innovative technology? Contact the security solution experts at Security Alarm to find out how Videofied technology can work for  you.