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What Is the Best Access Control Solution: Cloud Vs. Server Posted on November 2, 2017 by

More and more businesses are realizing the value of investing in an access control system for their organization. They recognize that this is no longer a “leave it to Beaver” world and that safety by controlling and monitoring who is coming and going from an organization is essential. They realize that eliminating traditional keys and locks, not only improves safety but minimizes headaches as well and stress for management as well.

Cloud-Based Access Control Vs. Server-Based Access Control

Once a business determines that an access control system is for them, the customer must then choose whether they want a cloud-based database or local server-based software. This database is the brains of an access control system. It is where you set door schedules, grant users access, manage doors, etc. When choosing what form of database is best for your company, there are valid arguments and good points made for both sides. However, typically (minus the exceptions) Security Alarm prefers to recommend a cloud-based software for the majority of our customers and here is why.

1. You Can Access a Cloud-Based Database from Anywhere

If you are an IT manager or a superintendent of a school or anyone that might need regular access to the access control database, then you probably would like the idea of being able to access it from anywhere. The cloud-based service allows you to log on and manage your database wherever there is cellular service or internet and on any device that you choose, making this the best access control solution for work travel, emergencies on vacation, and work from home. Local server-based software limits you in that the program is installed on the local server at work and is only accessible via specially designated computers. Having to be on site at a specific computer hampers your ability to quickly access the database when needed.

2. Cloud-Based Data Bases Are Secure

access controlCloud-based databases are hosted by a company that is not your own, meaning that all of the time and effort you took to log door schedules, program key fobs, and manage users is kept safe from potential catastrophes. For example, if your company utilized a local server-based software all of the data would be logged in this software and on this server. If this data was never backed up and that server crashed, all of that information would be lost and the company would have to begin from scratch. Losses like these create a very stressful scenario for everyone involved, and unfortunately, we have seen commercial security customers deal with situations such as this. That is why we recommend cloud-based hosting for anyone that wants to eliminate the possibility of catastrophes such as this and keep their data SECURE.

3. Cloud-Based Software Gets Updated Automatically

When your database is cloud-based, you do not have to worry about software updates. For example, if you update your server to the latest version of windows, then you would have to pay and go through the process of updating your local server-based access control software to the newest revision for it to work correctly. With cloud-based hosting, there is no software or updates with which to be concerned.

We Recommend a Cloud-Based Access Control Software

Both types of access control databases have their place and there are pros and cons to both. As you start down this road of researching access control systems and designing one that best fits the needs of your company, we hope that you reach out to us here at Security Alarm. We would be happy to assist and offer any advice that we can.

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