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Why Banks Need High Quality Surveillance Systems Posted on October 13, 2016 by

Most of us have seen the news stations on TV replay footage from bank robberies before. And unless you have extremely low standards, you would admit that the video footage shown is mostly horrible. “Fuzzy” is probably the most accurate adjective to describe these playback videos of bank robberies. Many banks don’t even have surveillance systems and those that do usually are black/white and grainy. What if you knew you could improve the safety and security of your bank and increase customer confidence by the addition of a better, more reliable video surveillance system? Advances in video technology make it a useful and affordable tool in improving overall bank security.

Check Fraud Prevention

facial recognition

It’s a sad reality that so many people are involved in fraudulent activity these days. To always prevent it, would be impossible but as a banker you can catch those involved. This aggressive and proactive approach lets people know that your bank takes check fraud extremely serious. With IP Camera systems and video analytics bankers are able to get facial recognition of customers and in turn link this to other information in order to apprehend those involved in bank fraud.

Catching ATM Culprits

It is impossible to have eyes on your ATM at all times during the day, and obviously no one has someone manning the ATM 24/7 as this would negate the whole purpose of an ATM. At Security Alarm we offer the installation of small ATM Cameras that work magic. They monitor ATM usage and often help explain “mysterious” situations to customers that claim money has been withdrawn from their account.

Evidence for Criminal Investigations

Having a High Definition IP camera system will not only do a lot to PREVENT robberies but it will also do immeasurable good in solving robberies after the fact. It allows the high quality images to be used in tracking down suspects and can also be used to verify that the person in custody is the real culprit.

Constant Monitoring     

As we mentioned in regards to the ATM, you can’t have eyes on everything all the time. With a surveillance system you have eyes inside and outside 24/7. You can sleep easier knowing that even when your eyes are resting your premise is safe.

View Video Remotely remote video viewing

One more added feature of a surveillance system is the ability to review video remotely. Say you are asleep in your bed, trusting that the camera system at the bank is doing its job. You receive an e-mail notifying you that motion has been detected in a highly sensitive area. Instead of panicking and immediately driving to the office, you log into your remote video viewing app to check out the situation. With this invaluable feature you can save time and also determine if the threat is real without leaving your bed or lazy boy.

Increase Customer Confidence

Let’s be honest, if you walked into a bank with security cameras you would probably feel a little safer. It feels good to know that your bank is taking steps to deter criminal activity and in turn build a safer environment.

Your bank can benefit from our high definition camera systems just as countless other banks have throughout Southern Illinois. We want to help you, and meet your security needs. Please call us today at 618-548-5768.

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