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Why Security Alarm’s Systems Aren’t FREE Posted on December 21, 2016 by

No security system is actually free. You either pay for it now or your pay for it later. Think of it like this. If you go to a car dealership and put zero money down and buy a brand new Chevy Silverado, did you get that truck for free? No way! You will be paying an extremely high monthly cost.

The lower your initial payment, the more you pay on the back end. The payment for security systems is the same way. Most national security companies “give” you a free system and charge extremely high monthly rates and long term contracts to lock you in for years.

The DANGERS of a Installing a FREE Security System

Free systems aren’t usually the BEST systems out there. Typically they are sold over the phone. That’s right, the system is designed and sold over the phone without ever going to your home. Once the system is sold, a technician comes out and installs everything in about an hour or two.

While this process might feel fast, free, and easy, you’re probably only getting minimal coverage. However, those alarm companies are happy because they didn’t lose much money, and you are locked in to a long-term contract.

Most of the big National Alarm Companies are more concerned with getting you signed up on the monthly contract than they are about your security and the system that is BEST suited for you, your home, and your family.

Our Alarm Systems Are Different

At Security Alarm your protection comes first. This isn’t just a cliché saying either. Your protection really does come first, and we know your budget is critical. Often our sales guys talk customers OUT of something, because they don’t feel it’s best for them. Making the sale and making money is not our first goal.

Our goal is to Keep you safe and to get you what you want and need at the cost that fits your family’s budget. We don’t like long term contracts. We don’t want to “trap” you in a contract. We want you to be happy with your system. If you are our customer and you become unhappy, let us know.

What Happens When a Security Alarm Client Wants Out of Their Contract?

We’ll do everything in our power to make you happy, and if that doesn’t happen, we’ll let you switch to another alarm provider. Our equipment isn’t proprietary, so a variety of other companies can monitor and service the equipment we install in your home, and that equipment belongs to you, not us.

We might not sell you a system as fast as the big national alarm companies, but there’s a reason for that. We also won’t sell it to you over the phone either. We will have a person to your door within 24 hrs of the time you call the office. We feel like its important for us to meet our clients face to face, evaluate the particulars of the home firsthand, and gather a complete understanding of our clients’ needs and budget before recommending alarm equipment.

Installation of an electronic alarm system needs to be done right and every home is unique. We also like to take the time to educate you on the different levels of security, so that you are confident in the choices you make. Securing your home or business is an important decision for you, and your security is something we take very seriously.

Learn More About Paid Vs. Free Alarm Equipment

One last thing, we are always here. We stay with you all the way. We have technicians standing by 24 hours a day 7 days a week to meet your service needs after installation is complete! Contact us using the form below to set up an initial consultation, and we’ll work with you to secure the things that matter most.