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An Open Letter to Places of Worship: Posted on November 10, 2017 by

Church in Illinois

Pulling a Glock pistol from behind a church bulletin, a 27-year-old man shot at Pastor Fred Winters on March 8th, 2009 in Maryville, Il. The first bullet hit Fred’s Bible; the last one hit his heart.

Since the year 2000, churches and faith-based organizations in America have faced over 900 “deadly force incidents.” The story you read above happened in a small community just outside of St. Louis, a small town right in our backyard.

We’re a faith-based company and family, and we want to see these places of worship protected! That is why we strongly urge churches to invest in a panic button system.

When a panic button gets pushed, text alerts instantaneously go out to your security team. The hope is that this alert could help warn your organization BEFORE a shooter has time to enter your auditorium, potentially saving the lives of everyone in your congregation.

In addition to alerting your security team, a panic button can warn the local police force so they can be in route to your church as soon as possible.

Churches typically hide panic buttons in nurseries, welcome centers, at the front desk, in offices, and anywhere someone can provide an immediate alert.

If your church doesn’t currently have a panic button system installed, please share this letter with your trustees.

We hope and pray that your church will never need an emergency panic button, but we also hope that you’ll do everything possible to be prepared and protected.


Your Security Alarm Team