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Benefits of High Definition Video Surveillance Posted on July 2, 2015 by

There are many benefits to high definition video over regular video, but the single greatest benefit to any video surveillance is the effect video has in deterring would-be burglars. High definition provides clear visuals that can pick up license plates, facial features and other details that would otherwise be lost, but wouldn’t you rather not have to worry about reporting a crime in the first place? That’s the real benefit to any video surveillance system.

Monitoring Surveillance Video: Is that Really an Option?

If you’re ready to pull the trigger on a video surveillance system, the next issue to consider is how that video will be monitored. Will a central station monitor the video in conjunction with your intrusion alarm system? Will you monitor your own video system with a mobile app like  Total Connect? Or is a record of the crime enough to keep what you have safe? Deciding how to monitor a video surveillance system is a big challenge and should be handled on a case-by-case basis by a security expert.

People often monitor their own video surveillance, which can serve as an added feature to an intrusion system, mainly because the costs of video monitoring by a central station can be significant. However, in special cases and where appropriate, we will recommend a monitored video surveillance system. This sort of system is usually reserved for customers at higher than normal risk. A business that’s already been targeted by after-hours burglaries or a home in a neighborhood experiencing a string of burglaries are prime candidates for a monitored video surveillance system.

Video Surveillance Deters Criminals

According to more than 400 burglars interviewed in a study conducted by a University in North Carolina, surveillance video is the single best way to deter criminals and would-be burglars. Most professional burglars spend a great deal of time scouting targets, and it doesn’t take much to convince a burglar to keep looking. As you can see from the chart below, having an intrusion alarm system is the next best way to deter criminals. Might as well double up on the two best burglary deterrents with alarm that includes video surveillance. These are the two best ways to decrease your odds of catching the attention of burglars in your area.

Burglar Survey

High Definition Video Is Finally Affordable

We all remember seeing blurry videos of convenient store robberies on the nightly news and thinking, they’ll never catch that guy. Tech advances have brought down the cost of video surveillance equipment to the point that small retail shops and the average American household can afford to install a high definition video surveillance system.

High Definition Video Vs. Analog Video

Why pick high definition video surveillance over a potentially less expensive analog video system? Like any aspect of a home security system, you to never need, but when it is needed, it better work. Imagine a smash and grab burglary happening while you’re at work and you’re left with no lead other than a blurry image that might tell you the race and gender of the perpetrator. Not very reassuring is it? Grandma’s pearls are as good as gone, but even worse is the feeling of violation and vulnerability that victims feel after a burglary.

High Definition Video Puts More Crooks Behind Bars

When your home or business is armed with high definition video, the odds of identifying and catching the burglar increase drastically. A high definition video image can give police a face to throw up on local news channels and may even be enough to match the face up with an existing mugshot. Now who feels scared and vulnerable? Additionally, a high definition video with auditory capabilities is going to hold up much better during a criminal trial.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of high definition surveillance video or have questions about installing a new video surveillance system, contact the Southern Illinois security solutions experts at Security Alarm.

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