Do You Need To Arm Your Alarm?

Do You Need To Arm Your Alarm? Posted on May 19, 2019 by

arm your home security alarmFar too many people say “I don’t arm my alarm every night”.

What is our response? “Well, you should”.

You really never know when your home will be broken into, and if you did, you would take every precaution to prevent it. With a home security system, you are paying for peace of mind, so why not use it every chance you get?

However, if you aren’t turning on your system, you most certainly have a false sense of security.  

We urge our customers to develop the habit of arming their home security system whenever possible, and here’s why.

Security Alarm Customer Success Stories

Centralia, IL- We recently had a customer call and let us know that she was so happy that her security system had worked just like it was supposed to. She had turned the alarm on while she was in her home. It is a good thing that she did because a burglar attempted to break in while she was there. The security system, because it was turned on, went off and sent the burglar on his way.

Marion, IL – The following is a review from a customer: “Thank goodness for Security Alarm Corps. Had a break-in tonight. Hadn’t locked the backdoor and at 1:34 am someone gained entry, however, the alarm woke the world. Marion PD was here in about 2 min! Now let’s try and go back to sleep after that.”

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Based on the stories above, you can see why it is so important to arm your system, and use it to its fullest potential, whenever you are able to do so. You never know when someone will attempt to enter your home.

Having a home security system is a big step in protecting your home and your family, but it’s worthless if you don’t turn it on. Be proactive, not reactive.

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