Secure the premises of city government buildings with a smart camera surveillance system.


Give employees and visitors the precious seconds they need to evacuate with a fire alarm system.


Restrict unauthorized access to sensitive areas of the building while providing a verifiable entry/exit record.


Wireless panic buttons give staff the ability to instantly call for first responder help.


Remotely monitor the surveillance cameras, fire alarm, and other components of your building’s security system from any internet-enabled device such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Ensure the Safety of Staff and Politicians

A state-of-the-art security system will add several extra layers of security and accountability to your government building.

For example, an intercom installed at City Hall will allow workers to pre-screen visitors at the door while preventing unauthorized access.

City Halls can be better protected on the inside and out with enhanced local government security.


CCTV, security indoor camera system operating with blurred image

Monitor Outdoor Public Spaces

Keep your city parks and swimming pools safe with a smart camera surveillance system that uses advanced algorithms to detect human beings and cars. This makes it perfect for after-hours monitoring of city property.


Call for Immediate Help

Mitigate the danger of a disgruntled or unstable person with a wireless panic button. Staff can immediately call for first responder help in the event of an emergency.

A panic button that's part of a modernized local government security system allows city workers to quickly call for help in an emergency.


CCTV, security indoor camera system operating with blurred image

Be Safe and Alert

Fire alarm systems and regular inspections help save lives. Ensure the safety of city workers while providing an early warning detection.

Security Alarm can also conduct fire alarm inspections plus we offer a wide range of associated services that will help protect lives and government buildings.




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