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New Security Camera Technology Helps Store Owners Posted on January 28, 2016 by

Cameras Enhance Store Productivityaxis retail

In the camera world, there is always new technology breaking the surface. It is practically a rat race just to keep up. Today, more and more cameras are being used for not only security purposes but for store management as well. Store owners and managers no longer need to guess how their store is functioning, with new camera technology they can see it, track it, and make changes accordingly.

Monitor Merchandising and Promotions

The latest technology is allowing business owners to see exactly how effective their merchandising and promotions are. We all believe that our ideas for successful merchandising are winning ideas… but are they really? Certain cameras have the ability to track different numbers within a store. They will track the aisles customers tend to go down; whether they make a stop at the brown rice or at the white rice. It will then measure how many of these customers that stopped actually made a purchase. In the end, video intelligence may prove to retailers that what they thought was an excellent promotion only converted 30 percent of the customers that stopped. This information allows them to know what promotions work and which ones fall flat.

Monitor Store Layoutaxis retail2

Similarly, in-store video surveillance allows retailers to understand the best LAYOUT for their store. Video footage can help store owners determine the best display options for their merchandise. For example, after review they realize customers are spending a lot of time looking at “green shirts” when they are folded; however the very same shirts seem to attract much less traffic on a hanging rack. This information allows management the ability to lay out their store in the most effective way possible.

Monitor Shrinkage

There are certain types of items in all retail stores that are considered “high shrink”, meaning the items in the store that are most likely to be stolen. With in-store video surveillance, retailers are able to see how the shrink is happening, when the shrink is happening and make adjustments to prevent it in the future.

While cameras with the intelligence for this application is on the cutting edge of new technology. However, as a business it is always Security Alarm’s goal to keep our customers and community small business owners educated on what is on the forefront and  how that technology can help your business.

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