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Portable Security System for Problem Areas Posted on September 8, 2016 by

Problem Areas for Police

Every Police Officer in every department will tell you that they have “problem areas” within their jurisdiction. These locations could vary from an empty warehouse, to a park, to a vacant parking lot etc. Often these “problem areas” are hard to monitor for various reasons.  Security Alarm understands this plight and has worked to solve this issue for local police departments by providing a new type of security system called Videofied.

Wireless Video Monitoring

Videofied is an outdoor portable security system. Security Alarm provides you with a base video unit, a motion detector, and a very small keypad, which are all completely weather-proof. The wireless system has a battery life of roughly 2 to 4 years. The motion detector can be mounted wherever you like; on a pole, shed, trailer, tree, etc. When the Videofied system is armed and the motion detector detects movement, it snaps a quick video of the intruder. This footage is immediately sent to a monitoring agency and they decide whether an animal, tree branch, or person has tripped the alarm. If the monitoring agency detects a real intruder on the footage, authorities will be notified and dispatched in hopes of apprehending the trespasser.

Portable Security You Can Install Anywhere Videofied

Why is this system so beneficial for a police department? There are a few simple answers to this question. First, problem areas change. They aren’t always a “hot spot”. One month it may be an empty warehouse and the next month it might be a piece of play ground equipment in the park. Therefore it makes logical sense to have a portable security system. A security system that can be moved quickly at anytime in hopes of catching a suspect would be highly useful. Second, the fact that it is entirely battery operated allows it to be used in parks, cemeteries etc. Finally, the video verification feature seals the deal. Placing a traditional motion detector outdoors would be an issue due to debris and animals that would trigger false alarms. With the video verification mentioned above, the monitoring company only calls the authorities when a real intruder is spotted, thereby eliminating most false alarms.

At Security Alarm, we believe that this system could be incredibly useful for the Police Departments throughout Southern Illinois. Contact us online or call us at 618-548-5768 and let us tell you more about how your department could get a demo unit.

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