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What is Intelligent Video Surveillance? Posted on August 27, 2014 by

Intelligent video surveillance is the cutting edge video technology that records criminal activity in homes, businesses, and municipalities based to the preferences of the user. Features of Intelligent video systems include tracking a moving target and automatic detection of suspicious activity, which can trigger alarms and alert homeowners and business owners to potential threats. Traditional video surveillance systems are restrained to a simple on and off switch, which results in thousands of hours of fuzzy and often unusable video, making effective surveillance, criminal identification, and monitoring nearly impossible. Intelligent video can provide high definition picture quality as well as night vision technology triggered by motion sensors, so the tape isn’t running while nothing is happening at your location.

Video Surveillance Cameras On Building Wall Looking At Street PaIs Intelligent Video the Future of Property Protection?

Intelligent video surveillance is gaining popularity among homeowners, businesses, neighborhoods, communities, towns, and major cities, because the amount of time it takes to monitor traditional video systems is too extensive for most to handle. The added functionalities of this state of the art technology improve security, simplify monitoring, and help prevent criminal activity. Preventing a teenager from tagging the side of a warehouse with spray paint can sometimes have a profound, and often unseen, impact on an area, such as averting more serious criminals from later targeting that apparently unmonitored and uncared for location at for more severe criminal activities, like burglary or drug activity. The versatility of intelligent video systems allows homeowners, businesses, and municipalities to reduce the amount of information gathered, which vastly reduces the number of man hours required to manage the video system, making them more practical and less expensive overall.

Features of Intelligent Video Systems Include:

  • Detection of suspicious activity
  • Initiation of video recording, alarms, alerts or other actions
  • Audio and visual detection
  • Ability to track moving targets
  • Alerts to operators or field personnel
  • Ability to count people entering and leaving
  • Camera tampering detection
  • Vehicle license plate recognition

Intelligent Video for the Home

Adding video to a home security system equipped with smartphone control, gives homeowners the ability to access live visual and audio feeds inside their home at any time and from anywhere. Have you ever wanted to see what’s happening in your home while you’re away? Do you want to check in on teenage children while you are out of town, a new babysitter, or just what to make sure pets are doing ok? Are you a business owner that wants to be able to check in on your business or employees while you are out of town or away from the office? With the powerful combination of video and smartphone control, you can have live video and audio of your home or business at your fingertips in a moment’s notice. As criminals become more sophisticated it is important to stay one step ahead with the latest and most sophisticated security technology available.

Security Sign 2Intelligent video is changing the way homeowners, businesses, and municipalities protect their property by increasing the probability of criminal activity detection while, at the same time, reducing the number of man-hours needed for monitor these often complex systems.

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