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How to Reduce False Alarms with DMP Security Posted on May 12, 2017 by

DMP Security System

Security Alarm is very excited to announce that we have added DMP security to our product lineup. It is always fun to get new products in and watch how they benefit our customers in unique ways.

What Makes DMP Security Products Unique?

DMP security products are manufactured in the USA and their headquarters is located in Springfield Missouri, right in the middle of the heart land. This American, family-owned alarm manufacturer provides a wide array of home security features.

DMP Joins the List of Security Systems We Offer

We are proud of all of our products DMP, Honeywell, Hikvision, Axis etc. They all have their benefits, and they all help us meet our customers’ needs. However, since DMP Security is the newest home security system on our shelves, we’ll be highlighting DMP’s unique features in this article.

DMP’s Dedication to Reducing False Alarms

Man frustrated by false alarmsFalse Alarms are not just a pain in the you-know-what. If you rack up enough false alarms with local fire and police, you’ll face having to pay fines. This is why DMP has created MANY false alarm reduction features within their systems. There are too many to discuss here, but we’ll highlight a few.

1. Cancel/Verify Feature

When a siren sounds, and is piercing your ear, you have the option on your panel to cancel or verify the alarm. Selecting “cancel” and entering your code will send a signal letting authorities know that this is a false alarm. Selecting “verify” will let the monitoring agency know that this is indeed a true alarm and authorities are needed onsite.

2. System Recently Armed Reporting

Sometimes after a user arms the system and leaves the premises, a false alarm occurs due to a door being left unsecured. The system can be programmed so that if an alarm does occur within a set amount of time of the system being armed, the Central Station receives an alert to make contact with the subscriber before sending the police. This helps eliminate having the authorities respond to false home security alarms.

3. Fire Verification Zones

Close-up Of Burnt Toast Coming Out Of Toaster In KitchenThis is a handy feature for those that often burn toast! With DMP systems if one smoke detector senses smoke, it will begin to beep but it will delay two minutes before going into full blown alarm. If during that two minutes another device detects an emergency the alarm will be tripped and help summoned. If no other sensor is activated, then the alarm will call for help after the two minute grace period.

4. Cross Zoning Protection

Similar to Fire Verification, Zone-Crossing requires that two devices be tripped within a certain amount time before an alarm is activated. This does not just apply to Fire devices but burglar detection as well.

DMP Is Dedicated to Reducing False Alarms

DMP Hardwired Alarm SystemIt is important to remember that these features listed (and the countless that aren’t) are optional. They aren’t appropriate or beneficial in all applications. However, for some, these special features can be invaluable. False Alarms are a point of contention with many home and business owners.

We are excited about this new line of product designed to reducing false alarms, and the stresses they cause. We will in later posts delve more into DMP products and all that they bring to the table.

Learn More About DMP Security

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