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How to Reduce False Alarms Posted on September 20, 2016 by

If you have a security system chances are at some point you have accidentally set off your alarm. In some instances, the alarm even resulted in red and blue lights showing up at your house expecting an emergency. However, there was no emergency, you simply took your dog Snookie out for a walk without disarming the system or you burnt the toast while you were in the shower. In either case, there was no real trouble and service personnel were dispatched for unnecessary reasons. False alarms can lead to pricey fines for the resident, but most importantly they take precious time away from our local service personnel. There are consequences resulting from false alarms. What are some steps to reduce them?


Know Your Code

Many times false alarms occur because someone forgets their 4 digit code. Now, you do not want to choose a code that is so simplistic that it is easy for a burglar to guess. However, on the other hand you do not want to choose a 4 digit code that you will never remember. Many times people walk in their house and draw a blank. Make sure that you consistently remind yourself of your code so in a moment of chaos you do not draw a blank.

Stay Near the Phone

If your alarm sirens begin sounding, you know that the signal has already been sent to the monitoring company. The best thing you can do is to stay near the phone and wait for their call. When an alarm is tripped, the monitoring company will call the number you have requested to be the first call made. Many residents prefer this to be the site phone or their personal cell phone. This call will allow you to report the false alarm. However, if you are not near your phone, you will not be able to receive the call.

Memorize Your Passcode

When the monitoring company makes the call to verify the alarm, they cannot call off the authorities until they are given a passcode from the customer on the receiving end of the line. This passcode must be given correctly and without any hesitation whatsoever. If you sound as if you are guessing or very unsure then they will go ahead and alert the police. This is for your own safety.

Alert Guests

Along the lines of the previous tips, if you have a guest staying at your house, do not forget to make them aware of the code, passcode, and how to operate the system. If you do not feel comfortable with giving the guest the passcode, you can create a temporary passcode and turn it in to your security provider.

Pet Immune Motion Sensors

pet motion detector

Pets are another big cause of false alarms. When “armed away”, motion detectors are set to detect any motion at all within the premises. With traditional motion detectors, pets roaming around WILL set off the alarm. What is the solution? Confine your pets or call your local security company and ask about pet immune motion detectors. These motions will only detect movement above a certain height in order to allow pets the freedom to move about.

As mentioned above, there can be fines associated with false alarms. If you are noticing a rise in false alarms, please contact one of our security experts online or at 618-548-5768 and we can help you find a solution to reduce them going forward.

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