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How to Prepare for a Visit From the Fire Marshal Posted on August 24, 2016 by

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If you own or manage a business or organization, it’s important that all your fire detection and safety equipment is inspected and tested on a regular basis. Like any equipment, regular upkeep is important so that those safety measures do not fail when the need arises. If you have a sprinkler system, fire alarm system, or fire extinguishers, then it’s a good idea to know the condition and status of all of your equipment before the Fire Marshal pays you a visit.

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How should you prepare?

  1. Check Fire Extinguishers

    There are a few important key questions to keep in mind in regards to your fire extinguishers. First of all you need to make sure that your fire extinguishers have been inspected and that the inspections have been documented and any issues noted have been addressed. Just by glancing at the fire extinguisher, the seal should be intact and the pressure (if available) should show that is within the correct range for use. Next, ensure that your extinguishers are clearly visible and mounted in the correct locations.

  2. Sprinkler Systems Inspections

    It is important that the inspections are up to date with your sprinkler system and that these inspections have been documented and are easily accessible when the fire marshal arrives. If you know when the fire marshal is coming, walk around check your sprinkler heads, take a glance at the valves and control devices and see if all looks as it should. You are not the expert but it doesn’t hurt to look for noticeable issues.

  3. Fire Alarm System Tests

    As with the sprinkler system, it is important that your fire alarm is tested on a regular basis. Make sure to speak with your fire marshal to determine with what regularity your system  is in need of a test. When tested make sure to keep all documentation of the inspections and be sure to fix any noted issues that arose during the inspection. Also outside of inspections,  you should test your system regularly and ask your monitoring company for documentation that shows the date that you tested your system.

  4. Knox Boxes and other items

    Any commercial building should have a knox box mounted on the side of the building. This is a small box that contains a key or keys that will give the fire dept access to every door in your building. If you do not have a knox box currently, contact your local fire dept.  Also ensure as you walk through your building in preparation for the fire marshal’s visit that all exits, and doorways are clear of debris and ready for use in case of an emergency.

Every city and state has different guidelines and regulations, but these some of the basic things to keep in mind and address when a Fire Marshal visit is approaching. For more detailed guidelines, please contact your local fire marshal or fire department!

If you have any questions about your fire alarm or if you are in need of an inspection, Security Alarm is happy to help. Please contact us online or call our office at 618-548-5768!

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